Does My Root Canal Crown Need a Replacement? 3 Signs to Look For

If you have ever suffered from a pulp infection, you know that they are not something you’d voluntarily like to experience again. However, even after the pulp infection is removed from the inside of the tooth with a root canal and the external structure is restored with a dental crown, there is still a risk of developing another infection. 

Does My Root Canal Crown Need a Replacement, TN

One common cause of a recurring pulp infection is problems with the dental crown. Although dental crowns protect your tooth, problems can arise when the crown is damaged, loosened, or falls off. If a dental crown becomes compromised in any way, it may allow bacteria to become trapped underneath the crown which can lead to decay and another pulp infection. 

To prevent this from happening, you will want to ensure that your dental crown is in good condition. Regular dental appointments will allow your dentist to evaluate the condition of the crown, while certain care practices will help keep your crown in good condition. To prevent your crown from becoming damaged or loose, you will want to avoid very sticky or hard foods. Additionally, when you floss, you will want to pull the floss from the sides of your teeth rather than pulling upwards. 

Depending on the materials used for your dental crown, they can last about 5-15 years. When the crown is placed, your general dentist will discuss the proposed lifespan for your particular dental crown. Towards the end of this life cycle, it is important to pay attention to certain signs that your root canal crown needs to be replaced. Here are three signs to look for: 

  1. Gum Problems Around the Crown
    After a dental crown is placed over the tooth’s crown, this part of the tooth is no longer susceptible to decay. However, the tooth roots are not covered by a dental crown and can still develop decay. If you have already had a root canal on that particular tooth, you will not be able to feel any pain from the decay, but your gums will indicate there is a problem. Gum recession accompanied by a dark margin around the crown or infection at the base of the crown are both indicators that you should visit your general dentist for a possible crown replacement.
  2. Excessive Wear or Damage to the Crown
    If you have noticed that your dental crown seems to be lacking the same structure it did when it was first applied, then it may be excessively worn down. Worn dental crowns are more likely to crack or chip because they have undergone significant pressure. If you grind or clench your teeth, chances are your dental crown will wear down faster. Additionally, crowns that are cracked or chipped must be repaired or replaced to prevent bacteria from entering the crown. If bacteria are able to find their way under a crown, dental decay can occur Cases of dental decay under a dental crown calls for a crown replacement.
  3. The Dental Crown is Loose
    Dental crowns can become loose for a variety of reasons. They can loosen as the result of tooth grinding or clenching that applies a side to side force on the teeth, chewing very sticky foods that can pull on the crown, flossing upwards which can loosen the base of the crown or dental decay that has occurred under the crown. As soon as you notice a loose dental crown, you will want to call your local dental office immediately for a dental checkup to replace your crown. If your dental crown eventually falls off, it may be considered a dental emergency so it is best not to wait until that point.

Root canal crowns are effective dental restorations used to restore the external appearance of the tooth while also protecting the remaining tooth structure from decay. However, gum problems, wear, damage, or becoming loose can all be signs that it is time to replace your root canal crown to prevent the need for future dental treatments. By looking for these three signs, you can help your dentist keep your dental crown in good shape. 

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