Photographic Imaging Procedure

It’s no secret that Dr. Malone prides himself as an amateur photographer (all the portraits throughout our office were taken by him!)

At our dental office, both Dr. Malone & Dr. Costa take photography very seriously. Each room is equipped with an advanced intra-oral camera to help you see exactly what we are seeing. Both doctors also utilize DSLR cameras to document before and after photos. This especially helps when the dentists are reconstructing a smile from worn down teeth.

Capturing Your Smile at All Angles

These photos are also important for orthodontic or Invisalign consultations. At most dental offices patients will typically receive full mouth radiographs, but that is only half the story when it comes to your teeth and smile. Dr. Malone and Dr. Costa routinely take “full mouth photographs” to document all the different angles or your soft and hard tissues.

With the latest advances in iPhone cameras, the doctors have also invested in mobile photography lighting so they can take photos and share them with you instantly!

Videos and High Resolution Microscopes

To be even more thorough with potentially cracked or fractured teeth, our dentists are able to take high magnification photos and videos with our high powered dental microscopes.

We want to make sure that we’re 100% transparent with any findings and want to educate you, the patient, about what it’s happening in your mouth! We want you to be intimately involved with any treatment planning. Knoxville Smiles at Malone & Costa Dentistry uses advanced photographic imaging so that you can fully understand exactly what’s going on inside your mouth!

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