Preventive Care Procedure

No one wants to deal with a cavity or a missing tooth. Therefore, although Dr. Stephen K. Malone and Dr. Michael J. Costa, Jr. are always ready to provide restorative treatment, their primary goal is to keep dental problems from occurring. Along with their entire team, they offer outstanding preventive care at their Knoxville practice. Through routine exams, cleanings, and other treatments, they want to help you and your family maintain your healthy smiles. Our dentists and hygienists can also guide you in good at-home hygiene to enhance your long-term dental health. To learn more about preventive care, or to schedule an exam, contact Dr. Malone’s office today.

What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is routine care, designed to stop problems before they start. Through ongoing maintenance, we combat two primary problems.

  • Dental decay: Cavities result from the interaction between sugar and bacteria. When these two substances come together, they form acid, which will erode your dental enamel. As this protective barrier wears away, it allows bacteria to come in contact with the softer underlying layers of your teeth. As it does, a cavity will form.
  • Gum disease: Oral bacteria does not only affect your teeth. As they multiply, bacteria will spread below your gums. Bacterial pockets will form in the soft tissues. Over time, these pockets will grow leading to discomfort, tooth loss, gum recession, and jawbone degeneration.

With regular care, our doctors and hygienists can eliminate harmful bacteria. They can also detect the earliest signs of decay and gum disease. In this way, they can reduce the need for extensive restorative treatment or periodontal therapy.

In-Office Preventative Treatments

For optimal dental health, Dr. Malone and Dr. Costa offer a wide range of preventative services. Routine cleanings and exams are fundamental. At each visit, one of our friendly hygienists will clean your teeth using gentle, effective techniques and one of our doctors will conduct an exam. We will use advanced technology, including bitewing x-rays and panoramic x-rays, to gain a comprehensive understanding of your oral health. Our dentist will also conduct a visual scan to look for signs of oral cancer. Other preventative treatments include sealants and fluoride treatments. Although these are usually considered pediatric services, they are often suitable for adults, as well.

Candidates for Preventive Care

Everyone deserves outstanding preventative treatment. Even adults who are missing all of most of their teeth are still susceptible to gum disease. Therefore, they should receive regular check-ups. Our dentists will look for signs of periodontal disease and make recommendations for proper care. Children will also benefit from good preventative treatments. As soon as their children develop their first teeth, parents should schedule a dental appointment. Our dentists will monitor dental development and teach parents and kids about proper dental care.

Schedule a Preventive Care Appointment

To schedule a preventive care exam for yourself or your child, contact us today. Our office is located in Knoxville, and we proudly serve patients from the surrounding communities, including Powell, Karns, Farragut, Seymour, Maryville, and Oak Ridge.

Dr. Micheal Costa

Dr. Costa

Dr. Stephen Malone

Dr. Malone

Knoxville Smiles at Malone & Costa Dentistry offers a unique dental care experience to our patients in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. The crew is committed to protecting and increasing the natural beauty of your smile by employing conservative, cutting-edge techniques that result in attractive, long-lasting smiles!

Our dedicated and experienced team of doctors includes Dr. Stephen Malone, D.M.D., University of Louisville, and Dr. Michael Costa, D.D.S., UNC School of Dentistry, M.H.A., UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health in Chapel Hill, NC. They are firm believers in continuing education to provide their patients with the finest possible care.

Drs. Costa and Malone see their patients as real partners in their service. Our team is committed to making your dental care journey as pleasant as possible.

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