Drs. Malone and Costa want to make every visit easy and accommodating. They understand that every patient is different and has specific concerns. This is your opportunity to let them know what areas of concerns you may have whether it is a toothache or even cosmetic enhancements. Drs. Malone and Costa may ask you follow up questions to better understand the situation. This is your time to work with them on a plan for your treatment.

Consultations - Knoxville Smiles at Malone & Costa Dentistry

Your Dental Exam

After our doctors get a full understanding of what your concerns may be, they’ll complete a comprehensive examination. They want to become experts in your mouth!. The exam will consist of:

  • Visual examination of your teeth, which may include 2-D and 3-D dental x-rays. Dental X-rays will provide a more comprehensive view of not only teeth, but also vital structures surrounding the teeth as well as your sinuses and airways. This will help us to get a better perspective of your overall health treatment suggestions.
  • Tooth Health: Search for decay, fractures, or inflammatory disease such as temperature or touch
  • Pocket Depths for Periodontal (gum) Disease
  • Photographs, Intraoral & Extraoral to see and co-discover
  • 3D Tooth Scan with Digital Impressions

All of these may indicate why you may be feeling a toothache or contribute to cosmetic improvements. Drs. Malone and Costa will then make the appropriate recommendations for treatment.

For more information about scheduling a consultation and exam, contact our office.

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