Laser Dentistry Procedure

Out of the many dental technologies that have revolutionized dental care in the last few decades, laser dentistry is at the top of the list. Laser dentistry offers many benefits, enabling dentists to provide safer, more precise care and making procedures more comfortable with shorter recovery times for you as the patient.

Laser dentistry: versatile and effective

There are many types of dental lasers; some are specially designed to treat soft tissues, such as gums, and others are designed for hard tissues, such as teeth and bone. At Knoxville Smiles at Malone & Costa Dentistry in Knoxville, TN, Drs. Costa and Malone are among the select few dentists in the nation to use Waterlase® technology. This versatile laser can be used for a variety of dental procedures, including both soft and hard tissue treatments. Some of the common ways our dentists use Waterlase technologies include:

  • Laser gum reshaping: if you have a “gummy” smile, asymmetrical gums, or gum recession, laser therapy can be used to recontour your gums, either through crown lengthening to reduce extra gum tissue or gum grafting to replace lost or receded gums
  • Scalpel-free surgical procedures: laser energy can perform the same functions as a scalpel but without many of the drawbacks of traditional incisions
  • Root canal infection treatment: in addition to performing cuts, lasers sanitize and remove decayed tissues such as infected root canals
  • Preparing your gums for crowns, bridges, or veneers: with the laser, we can comfortably and quickly modify your gums to create the best margins for your new dental restorations
  • Uncovering implants or second-stage implant surgery: we can uncover your healed dental implant scalpel-free using Waterlase 
  • Treating ulcers in your mouth:we are all familiar with the pain of mouth ulcers or canker sores that can linger for weeks on end; with laser treatment, a few minutes in the dental chair can dramatically expedite the healing process to help you get out of pain rapidly

Benefits of laser therapy

At Knoxville Smiles at Malone & Costa Dentistry, we have invested in laser technology and undergone extensive training in how to optimally and safely use it because simply put, laser dentistry is a safer, more comfortable, and more effective treatment option for many dental procedures. Patients and dentists alike love laser therapies because:

  • Shots and anesthesia are often unnecessary
  • Cuts can be made with greater precision than a scalpel
  • Lasers sterilize and cauterize as they go, reducing bleeding and the chance of infection
  • Sutures are often not needed after treatment
  • Swelling and pain post-treatment are minimized, and your recovery time is more rapid

To learn more about laser dentistry or experience the benefits of laser therapy in your dental care, call Knoxville Smiles at Malone & Costa Dentistry today at (865) 426-1776.

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