Conscious Oral Sedation Procedure

Why IV Sedation? IV Sedation is Safe, Effective, and Controllable.

In the past, our doctors used minimal oral sedation (pills taken 90 minutes before the visit). So why did we change to IV Sedation? Simple! We wanted something better for our patients! The doctors found that oral medicines took a long time to take effect since they had to travel through the GI system first. The degree of sedation was impossible to alter if people needed more or less. The after-effects were unpleasant. Patients had varying levels of response with no alternative to improve their sedation level, and they felt like it took a long time to “get back to normal.” We wanted something better and safer for our patients. IV sedation is the answer – it is much safer, effective, and controllable.

IV Sedation medications work immediately and can be stopped immediately if necessary. It takes less medicine to achieve better results, it is dosed and managed more precisely, and patients are alert when they are done with the procedure. The doctor can also help deliver medications through the IV to assist in post-operative healing. Patients are monitored closely throughout the procedure with special safety equipment.

We offer light and moderate sedation. With light sedation, patients are awake and alert but very relaxed. With moderate sedation, patients are sleepy and relaxed but also experience amnesia – meaning they don’t remember the appointment. Our sedation services do NOT include general sedation – which is the type of sedation that makes people completely unconscious.

If you experience any of the following, you could benefit from sedation:

  • Anxiety about dental treatment
  • “Fidgety-ness” – meaning you can’t sit still very long
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • High Gag Reflex
  • Low tolerance for pain

The benefits of Conscious IV Sedation include:

  • Less medication needed to be administered than oral sedation
  • Shorter duration of sedation
  • Less sleepiness after the procedure
  • Ability to adjust sedation level during the procedure
  • Safe – sedation levels are precisely controlled
  • Medical monitoring – patients are monitored for any potential health threat
  • Ability to administer other medicines to improve post-operative care (steroids, etc.)

Dr. Costa completed advanced coursework for Conscious IV Sedation through Meharry Medical College and is licensed through the Tennessee State Dental Board to provide sedation services. Our facility went through a stringent permitting process and passed with flying colors. Not only does Dr. Costa provide sedation, but we also employ the services of Mr. Troy Morrison, a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CRNA) with over 30 years of experience. You can feel safe knowing that our facility and our providers are up to date with the best practices and equipment to provide an anxiety-free experience for you.

Call us at (865) 426-1776 if you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry or would like sedation services at your next visit!

Dr. Micheal Costa

Dr. Costa

Dr. Stephen Malone

Dr. Malone

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