5 Things Porcelain Veneers Can Fix

Things Porcelain Veneers Can Fix, TN

When it comes to dental procedures, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just snap your fingers and have the smile of your dreams? Unfortunately, reality doesn’t work that way. However, there are certain cosmetic dental treatments that can offer you an amazing smile without a lot of work. While it won’t be as simple as snapping your fingers, having dental veneers placed is almost as easy.  Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of natural teeth. They are considered a conservative cosmetic dental treatment because they require minimal preparation for placement. In fact, only … Continue reading

5 Facts About Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening

Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening, TN

Individuals looking to whiten their teeth have no shortage of options. For starters, there are a variety of over the counter whitening treatments such as toothpaste, strips, trays, pens, and lights. While these do contain the same type of whitener used in professional teeth whitening procedures, it takes longer to see results. This is primarily because the concentration of the whitener is diluted over the counter treatments.  Conversely, professional teeth whitening procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist use a stronger concentration and yield faster results. However, there are even whitening options with professional teeth whitening. Different cosmetic dentists may offer … Continue reading

The Top 5 Reasons to Get Dental Implants

Reasons to Get Dental Implants, TN

Did you know that the American College of Prosthodontics estimates that as many as 178 million Americans have a single missing tooth and 40 million are missing all their teeth? They attribute the main causes of tooth loss to dental decay, gum disease, and trauma. Regardless of how a tooth is lost, the important thing is to have it replaced as soon as possible to prevent future complications, such as an improper bite.  One common restoration method for missing teeth are dental implants. In fact, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry notes that as many as 3 million Americans currently … Continue reading

The Top 5 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Ways to Prevent Cavities, TN

As of 2016, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that over 90% of American adults have had a cavity and one in every four adults currently has an untreated cavity, making dental cavities one of the most common chronic health problems. Despite the prevalence at which cavities occur, they are completely preventable.  General dentists are responsible for helping their patients maintain their oral health, however it is the patient’s responsibility to attend regular appointments and follow the instructions provided by their dentist. To prevent dental cavities, a dental exam and cleaning should be scheduled once every six months. … Continue reading

3 Signs You Need a Root Canal

Why you need a Root Canal, TN

Ah, the dreaded root canal. Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you that they would rather do almost anything else than have a root canal. While root canals may have been uncomfortable in the past, modern root canals are no more uncomfortable than a dental filling when performed by a top dentist. Additionally, modern technology now makes it easier for dentists to effectively perform root canals faster and with better treatment outcomes.  Despite your disdain for root canals, they are actually a valuable restorative treatment that prevents the affected tooth from being lost altogether. You see, root canals are only … Continue reading

3 Waterlase® Treatments

Waterlase Treatments, TN

Are you one of the thousands of Americans who dread going to the dentist? Does the shrill scream of the dental drill or the thought of needles cause your stomach to churn? Do you hate feeling like a chipmunk after your appointment? If this sounds like you, there is good news. Thanks to modern dental technology, there is a new approach to dentistry that does not require dental drills or anesthetics. Developed by a company called Biolase, a new dental laser named Waterlase has been introduced. The Waterlase dental laser combines laser energy and water to offer effective, quiet, and … Continue reading

The Top 5 Things That Cause Cavities

Things That Cause Cavities, TN

Our entire lives,we’ve been told that cavities are bad and that we need to brush and floss in order to prevent them from occurring. We’ve also been told that sugar is bad for our teeth and should be limited if we want to keep our teeth healthy. However, do we actually know why we do these things? Often times, dental routines are instilled in us at a young age so we never question the why.  Simply stated, the “why” is to address the causes of cavities. A large part of preventative care is understanding what causes cavities so that the … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Invisalign is the Best Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign, the best orthodontic treatment, TN

Nowadays, many people aspire to have a beautiful, perfectly aligned smile. Luckily, with modern orthodontic methods, straightening your smile is easier than ever. In the past, the only orthodontic method available was metal braces. However, that all changed beginning in 1997 when Align Technology was founded.  A year after the company began, Invisalign was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Another year after that and Invisalign was officially available to be used by dentists for their patients. In 2014, Align Technology estimated that 80,000 dentists have used Invisalign to treat 2.4 million patients since Invisalign was first introduced.  … Continue reading

The Top 3 Gum Disease Symptoms

Gum Disease Symptoms, TN

Did you know that according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least half of American adults over the age of 30 have an advanced form of gum disease. With 64.7 million Americans affected, gum disease is one of the most common oral health issues. There are two different forms of periodontal disease that can affect the gums. Early gum disease, also known as gingivitis, can usually be reversed with treatment and good oral hygiene. Advanced gum disease, also known as periodontitis, cannot be reversed and can only be managed through treatment.  One unfortunate reason that so … Continue reading

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