Conscious Oral Sedation Procedure

If you are to have oral surgery or if you experience fear and anxiety about dental treatment, we offer conscious oral sedation so you can be sedated during extensive dental procedures. With moderate oral sedation, you will be so relaxed that multiple procedures can be efficiently performed in one appointment without you undergoing heightened physical stress, a gag response, or anxiety.

Dr. Stephen Malone and Dr. Michael Costa are highly trained and licensed in the State of Tennessee to prescribe an oral sedative, and to carefully control your dosage. If you elect to have oral sedation, Dr. Malone or Costa will choose the drug for you based on thorough knowledge of drug characteristics, your medical history, and the length of time your procedures will take.

You will be instructed to swallow a prescribed medication a certain length of time prior to your dental procedure

You will remain conscious while under the influence of this drug, but you should feel very relaxed and may not remember what occurs during your treatment. Since oral conscious sedation can cause disorientation and grogginess, you will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment. The effects of oral conscious sedation typically wear off within about 24 hours, at which point you should be able to return to work, school, or other activities.

If the dentist thinks you would benefit from oral sedation, the option will be discussed with you. If you have a preference to be sedated for even routine procedures like dental cleanings or even exams, you may bring this up for discussion. We want your experience to be optimal, and we respect you as a collaborative partner in your oral health care.

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