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Are you one of the thousands of Americans who dread going to the dentist? Does the shrill scream of the dental drill or the thought of needles cause your stomach to churn? Do you hate feeling like a chipmunk after your appointment? If this sounds like you, there is good news. Thanks to modern dental technology, there is a new approach to dentistry that does not require dental drills or anesthetics.

Waterlase Treatments, TN

Developed by a company called Biolase, a new dental laser named Waterlase has been introduced. The Waterlase dental laser combines laser energy and water to offer effective, quiet, and comfortable dental care. It works by using laser energy to excite water molecules within the teeth in order to replicate a dental drill. However, the water stream prevents heat and dehydration of the tooth. In most cases, pain during dental procedures is caused by the tooth becoming dehydrated. By keeping the tooth adequately hydrated during dental treatment, Waterlase is capable of executing dental treatments that are almost pain-free. 

Many routine dental procedures can be performed using Waterlase, including: 

  1. Cavity Treatment:
    With Waterlase, you no longer need to endure dental drills while having a cavity repaired. Instead of a drill, the Waterlase laser is used to remove decayed tissue, as well as reduce the amount of bacteria around the cavity. Due to the precision of the laser, more of the healthy, natural tooth structure will be preserved. Waterlase has also been known to increase the bond strength of the dental composite used in composite fillings. This will minimize the need for future restorative treatments. Additionally, treating cavities is much faster with Waterlase because there is often no need to wait for dental anesthetics.
  2. Gum Disease Treatment:
    Waterlase also offers a new treatment for gum disease called REPAIR Perio Treatment. REPAIR Perio Treatment is a minimally-invasive gum disease treatment that can be used on a single tooth or throughout the entire mouth. When gum disease treatment is performed using the Waterlase dental laser, tartar is effectively removed from the tooth root, while causing less recession than other gum disease treatments. Additionally, REPAIR Perio Treatment preserves tissue and bone, increases the rate of healing, minimizes swelling, and reduces postoperative discomfort.
  3. Soft Tissue Treatment:
    Soft tissue treatments using Waterlase can improve the aesthetics of your smile, remove growths, prevent gum recession, and fix “tongue-tie”. Furthermore, peridontal treatment performed with Waterlase requires little to no dental anesthetics, causes less bleeding, minimizes overall swelling and inflammation, and makes recovery more comfortable. Waterlase can be used for a variety of soft tissue treatments including frenectomy, biopsy, and gingivectomy.
Waterlase Treatments, TN

If you are in need of dental treatment for cavities, gum disease, or soft tissue modification and you despise dental drills, then Waterlase dentistry may be the best type of dental treatment for you. Waterlase treatment will get you in and out of the dentist’s office faster, will be more comfortable than any other dental treatment, and will be highly effective in treating your dental issue. At last, there is no reason to avoid going to the dentist. That is, as long as your dentist is a Waterlase dentist

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