What is IV Sedation

& is it Safe, Effective, and Controllable?

Dr. Michael Costa

IV sedation dentistry is the deepest form of conscious sedation available in a dental office setting. IV Sedation medications work immediately and can be stopped immediately if necessary. It takes less medicine to achieve better results.

Anxiety about dental treatment

“Fidgety-ness” – meaning you can’t sit still very long

Tooth sensitivity

High Gag Reflex

Low tolerance for pain

If you experience any of the following, you could benefit from sedation:

Less medication needed to be administered than oral sedation

Shorter duration of sedation

Less sleepiness after the procedure

The benefits of Conscious IV Sedation include:

Ability to adjust sedation level during the procedure

Safe – sedation levels are precisely controlled

Medical monitoring – patients are monitored for any potential health threat

Ability to administer other medicines to improve post-operative care (steroids, etc.)

The benefits of Conscious IV Sedation include:

We also employ the services of Mr. Troy Morrison, a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CRNA) with over 30 years of experience.

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Dr. Costa completed advanced coursework for Conscious IV Sedation through Meharry Medical College and is licensed through the Tennessee State Dental Board to provide sedation services.