Understanding TMJ Disorder (TMD)

TMJ Disorder results from jaw stress, causing pain, headaches, and limited jaw movement.

Bruxism amplifies risks, affecting joints and surrounding tissues, leading to TMD symptoms and potential joint injuries.

Symptoms of TMD

TMD symptoms include jaw pain, headaches, stiffness, ear ringing, and neck discomfort.

These indicate potential temporomandibular joint issues impacting your daily life and oral health.

Treatment Options

Dr. Malone & Dr. Costa offer personalized TMD treatments.

Custom-made oral splints, aligners like Invisalign®, crowns, bridges, and implants alleviate symptoms by realigning bites and reducing jaw pressure.

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Receive specialized care from Drs. Malone & Costa extensively trained in TMD diagnosis and treatment at The Pankey Institute.

Benefit from advanced technology and a compassionate team for effective and precise TMD solutions.

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